KETIKA kemarin saya ingin memposting tentang berita ptc terbaru,pikiran saya langsung tertuju ke neobux,sebab berita dari neobux sudah lama sekali ditampilkan dan baru muncul ketika ada pembayaran ketiga dari neobux,well ceritanya begini ketika saya masuk ke neobux,saya langsung menuju ke forum mereka nah di forum mereka ada 2 berita yang baru yaitu neobux trivia dan a few things,nah saya terpaksa harus mempostingnya satu satu sebab waktu itu hari mulai malam dan waktu sangatlah terbatas dan akhirnya saya pilih berita neobux trivia sebagai berita yang kemarin.kali ini saya akan memposting artikel tentang a few things di neobux yang isinya cukup buat peringatan dari sang admin.ketika 1 januari lalu sang admin melihat ada personal message sebanyak 12.4% tidak mengandung konten berbahaya dan sebanyak 87.6% melanggar tos mereka oleh sebab itu ini dia berita yang saya copas dari forum mereka(eheheh copas melulu jadi ga enak nih ama neobux):

Personal messages disabled
I spent a few hours checking and cataloguing ALL personal messages conversations since January 1st 2010.
I came to the conclusion that users are not using them as they should. Here are my findings:

- 12.4% of the personal messages contain nothing harmful.
- 87.6% of the personal messages are against our terms of service.

The worst thing is that only 4.9% of all the messages against our terms of service are being reported as such.
Another major problem are the compulsive user's PMs to force their referrals to click more. I took the first 50 users that received such messages and 24 of those have stopped their activity in the next 30 minutes after reading such messages.

This is completely intolerable and by being so the private messages will cease to exist.
I was always against this but, since users had to have it because it was cool, I made it happen. Needless to say that I was right and that this is indeed a harmful tool.

You'll see the maintenance message until I fully remove everything. It should happen in the next 72 hours.

Rental period
To avoid the usual whining, instead of renting referrals for one month, you'll be renting referrals for 30 days.
This will eliminate the need to have repeated topics in February.
This change will be fixed every month and it will simplify calculations for everyone. It will always be 30 days as the extension periods.
This change will be implemented in the next 72 hours.

Current recycle discount
Since the recycling discount was introduced a few months ago, I'm witnessing a rise in the quantity of recycling being made. I fear that this will lead to the same mistake when pricing was low when users recycled more than they should.
I'll keep the current price unchanged but I'll be monitoring excessive recycling to determine if this is a benefit or not for the users. If anything is changed I'll let you know.
As always, please recycle with care and conscience. Over recycling will do more harm than good.

Precise referral tracking
Two days ago I've added a few numbers to the mask of referrals that have their username hidden. This will let me track down in a more precise way, how the new filter is working and thus let me tune it in a finer way.
The previous masking algorithm worked but this one will give me more detail especially on recycling trends based on activity. So far it's giving me a better perspective on how the users manage their referrals and this will help create a better tool for us all (no promises for now).
Your current referrals will remain with the previous masking but new ones will have a different one. This is only a label change and it will not modify the filtering.

Just stay tuned as I have a great new addition that you'll certainly love. I know I will!
More details soon.

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